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Welcome on our website dedicated to Schoellershammer and Reflex art papers.
Art papers from Schoellershammer and the Reflex paper mill offer a wide range of art papers for painting, drawing and graphics.
Although the Schoellershammer paper mill from Duerren in Germany stopped producing its art papers in 2015,
the brand is still present on the market and appreciated by artists from all over the world.
The over 200-year tradition of Schoellershammer is continued by Reflex-Papier, as the manufacturer,
and May-Spies, which is part of Reflex and acts as a global distributor.
Reflex-Papier is a global manufacturer of the highest quality transparent tracing paper widely used in business communication and architectural design.

Our company - WEBER-BIZ MARKETING - is a sales agent of Refex-Papier and May-Spies.

Schoellershammer watercolor papers represent highest quality and dimension stability:

  • grammage 165, 220, 300 g / m2

  • rough surface with felt marking. Natural white.

  • uncoated, aging resistant, acid free, recycled.

  • suitable for classic watercolor techniques, sketching and drawing with graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, chalk, oil pastel.

  • Papersize: 17x24, 24x32, 30x40, 36x48, 42x 56, 70 x 100 cm-  20 sheets/block.

available in natural white or brown colour
110 gsm
Mona Lisa series

watercolor papers da capo and esparto 300 gsm

watercolor, oil and acrylic papers

oli 230 gsm

watercolor torchon 250 gsm

watercolor da capo and esparto 300 gsm

acrylic 420 gsm
if you have any questions regarding our papers and where to buy?

Please contact us by phone, e-mail or whats-up. We will be happy to help you.
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paper is a medium for art

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